Sexual Relations Following a Medical Abortion

When we had sex, there was nothing painful and no fear of another unwanted pregnancy. That’s how I learned about the Abortion Pills. After the abortion, do not have sex for at least 15 to 20 days.

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4 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Have An Orgasm

4 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Have An Orgasm When it comes to physical health, orgasms are beneficial. Women have several advantages to orgasms, and having them regularly may give them a great deal of pleasure. Furthermore, orgasms offer individuals a firm grip of hormones, which benefits women. Women’s ability to have orgasms is dependent […] Read more

Sex during your period might be more intense

Sex during your period might be more intense Sex during menstruation Sexual encounters during a period or menstruation are often criticized as unrealistic and filthy. On the contrary, blood flow has grown during the last several days, and higher blood flow equals more feeling. It has a variety of advantages for both the lady and […] Read more

Why is sex such an important aspect of your life?

Sex may be for pleasure and closeness in addition to procreation. PVI, or penile-vaginal intercourse, or masturbation may provide a variety of unexpected advantages. If sufficient measures are taken before sexual intercourse, sexually transmitted infections may be generally avoided.

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Libido and sexual health in women

Reproductive health: A hormonal play. What happens during an intercourse? How do I maintain my sexual health?

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Sex education of girls

Sex education is one of the components of general education. The difficulty of sex education lies in its complexity, including hygienic, ethical, aesthetic, moral, and other problems.

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