The quality of our medical and pharmaceutical products

Dear customers! We ask you to pay special attention to the most critical component of the success of Medical abortion – the quality of drugs. We have been working on the market since the beginning of 2012 (more than ten years) and have always paid close attention to the manufacturer of drugs, the reliability of suppliers, and the shelf life.

As we gained experience, we purposefully refused unreliable manufacturers of drugs and deliberately did not contact obviously low-quality manufacturers.
Of course, high–quality drugs are more expensive, and we did it consciously, because for us the main goal is to ensure the maximum possible frequency of positive results from the procedure of medical abortion.
Summing up the above, we would like to strongly recommend you – do not skimp on your own health!

It is better to overpay quite a bit initially, but use high-quality drugs, than to regret later with pronounced side effects and/or lost health.

You deserve the best!