Sex and MTP

Sex during and after Medical Abortion

The most important and problematic issue for our female clients is sex during and after their medical abortion procedure:

  • Is sex during and after MTP forbidden or not?
  • If so, how long is the abstinence period?
  • What does this duration depend on?

Let’s try to understand all these questions.

It should be understood that the uterine cavity inside after medical abortion (as after any other abortion) is a wounded surface, and the cervix remains open for several days, thereby giving open access to external micro-organisms.

The hormonal disruption during pregnancy termination is not unaffected by the local and general immunity, reducing it. Thus there are apparent predisposing factors for inflammatory and hormonal complications’ of all kinds.

During active vaginal or anal sex, there is a mechanical impact on the uterus, resulting in pathogenic germs penetration into the uterine cavity, leading to pyo-inflammatory severe complications (endometritis, salpingo-oophoritis or adnexitis, pelvic-peritonitis). Possible difficulties are formidable, so it is worth following the recommendations.

Sex comes in many forms, so let’s clarify what is not recommended after medical abortion. Sex is forbidden in any state where the partner has direct contact with the genitals and/or the anus (anal opening). Other forms are not restricted (within reason, of course, because vigorous physical activity is also prohibited).

An orgasm development in a woman is also to be avoided. During orgasm, the cervix naturally sucks in the posterior vaginal fornix contents. This fact is also a triggering factor for purulent-inflammatory complications in the post-MTP period.

Refraining from taking Misoprostol for 2-3 weeks is necessary. A clearer criterion for determining the abstinence duration is bleeding cessation. Once bleeding has ceased entirely, it is required to abstain for two weeks, after which sex all forms are allowed, but until the next period, the partner must always use a condom, the contraceptive method used in the couple. Recommendations apply only if there is no pathology in the medical abortion course.