Pregnancy after MTP.

Pregnancy after Medical Abortion

In this section, we discuss what is perhaps the most frequently asked question that almost every female patient before an abortion asks: Will I be able to become pregnant after a medical abortion?

Numerous medical studies have been conducted, and scientists have concluded no significant loss in an uncomplicated induced abortion. If we consider the medical abortion’s meager complication rate, we can end that the absolute majority of women’s ability to become pregnant is unaffected.

It is not uncommon for a pregnancy to occur by the next ovulation after abortion.

If a medical abortion is provided, special attention needs to be paid to adequate and reliable contraception after the procedure to prevent repeat pregnancy.

How long after is it possible to plan for the desired pregnancy?

It is recommended that you start planning your pregnancy 4 to 6 menstrual cycles after an uncomplicated medical abortion.

Although medical abortion is the pregnancy termination safest method today, it should not be forgotten that it does not cease to be an abortion, after which often changes the hormonal background, compromised immunity, the uterus is in a stimulated state, the mammary glands are specific changes.

Therefore, during the rehabilitation (recovery) period’ the organism, which usually takes several weeks, needs to take care of your health (take vitamin therapy a course, avoid bad influences, hypothermia, intense physical activity, stop having sex for 2-3 weeks).

It is essential to consult a gynecologist during this period and have a pelvic ultrasound check-up (10-14 days after the onset of bleeding).