Méthodes modernes d'interruption de grossesse

Modern methods of pregnancy termination

This page provides all the useful and important information to help you choose the safest and most reliable abortion method.

For a general understanding of modern techniques used for medical abortion, we present all relevant methods and their descriptions below, as well as all their advantages and disadvantages.

Details you can find in video.

Surgical abortion

This is a group of abortion methods, during which intrauterine instrumental intervention occurs. Surgical termination of pregnancy includes the following methods (more…):

Vacuum Aspiration (suction aspiration or “mini-abortion”)

A method in which the contents of the uterus are aspirated using a vacuum; used for pregnancy lengths of 5-8 weeks (more…).

Curettage of the uterine cavity

A method in which the contents of the uterus are removed using a special instrument – a curette. The oldest and most traumatic method. But it is the method of choice in late pregnancy (more…).

Medical abortion

The safest method that uses drugs and completely excludes intrauterine interventions. We provide a detailed explanation of what medical abortion is and what drugs are used and for what purpose. (more…).