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Examinations after Medical Abortion

In the intrauterine intervention absence, the possible infectious-inflammatory complications incidence is kept to a minimum. Taking the medication at home allows you to avoid contact with medical personnel.

Does this mean medical abortion can be completed entirely without medical supervision? No.

Important! The following factors Regardless:

  • Your general well-being (if you feel fine);
  • The procedure itself course (if it went without any side effects);
  • The bleeding amount and duration (if it has stopped or is slightly smeared).

You should follow up after your medical abortion with a visit to your gynecologist for your uterus a follow-up ultrasound scan. Your doctor should be able to confirm that the uterine cavity is fetal fragments and membranes free, as well as large blood clots.

The visit should take place 10-14 days after the start of bleeding.

What to do if fetal fragments and/or membranes are found in the uterus or if the pregnancy persists after medical abortion? See “Incomplete abortion after MTP” for answers.

We have indicated the investigations mandatory and most minimal scope after pill abortion.

Ideally, in addition to the uterus, an ultrasound, the breast (mammary gland) should be examined (2-3 monthly cycles after the abortion procedure) by a mammologist (if this specialist is not available, a gynecologist can be consulted). See “Breast after medical abortion for more details.

If your menstrual cycle is irregular, a hormonal study and prescription of COCs (Combined Oral Contraceptives) are necessary.