Sex education of girls

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Sex education of girls

Before deciding on your treatment, be sure to consult with a specialist!

Sex education is one of the components of general education. The difficulty of sex education lies in its complexity, including hygienic, ethical, aesthetic, moral, and other problems. Therefore, it should be implemented in a comprehensive mannercomprehensively – in the family, preschool, and school institutions, with broad involvement of the press and television in these issues.

A.S. Makarenko has repeatedly said that education begins with a child’s first breath, and if a mother thinks about raising a child in the 6th month of his life, she is six months late. Therefore, when caring for a newborn baby, parents should know that they form the traits of a future person.


After the doctor’s permission, you need to proceed with proper bathing of the child. The inguinal folds and perineal folds are carefully processed in a newborn girl. Bathing should be carried out in a baby bath or a baby basin and thoroughly washed before bathing. It is better to carry out this procedure with Dad. It is worth noting that not only the mother herself but also the father has an impact on the sexual education of her daughter. All future men will be associated with her father and his behavior.

Feeding should be correct and cultured; it is necessary to observe the daily routine. It is essential that parents, especially the mother, instill in the girl the skills of neatness and hygiene, themselves as an example. The mother should remember that sometimes with excessive caresses and inept movements, she can contribute to the early development of the girl’s sexual instinct.

A girl up to a certain age is not recommended to see her father or mother naked, sleep in the same bed with her parents, parents should not tickle the child in sensitive areas.

Games play an essential role in a child’s life; through them, the world is known, and they also impact the development of gender.

Children’s age

In the period from 2 to 7 years, children question the difference between the sexes and childbirth. Children are starting to ask these questions more and more often, and parents should be able to answer them without evading.

It is most convenient to answer such questions in an individual setting. The answers should be extremely brief and truthful without much excessive detail. For example, you can tell a child a fairy tale about how she, sitting on a cloud, peered at people passing by and chose her dad and mom. And when I picked them up, I went down and started living with them.

The mother should ensure that the daughter does not have bad habits, such as fidgeting in a chair, rubbing one leg with the other, etc., which can cause addiction to masturbation. If the parents suspect that the girl is engaged in masturbation, it is not worth highlighting it with special attention. The child needs to be distracted; you can hold sports classes or read a book.


At the age of 12-13 years, girls begin menstruating. The beginning of menstruation, as a rule, indicates the sexual maturity of the child. Therefore, the mother should not be afraid and correctly convey the information so that the child is not scared and does not get injured. In the conversation, it should be said that she is entering a particular period of her life, characterized by blood discharge from the genitals, which will be repeated monthly. It is also necessary to emphasize the observance of hygiene rules during menstruation.

If the child feels unsatisfactory and tells his mother about it, letting it take its course is unnecessary. This doesn’t seem right. Instead, the mother and the girl should consult a pediatric gynecologist together. The doctor will help the girl eliminate unpleasant sensations with the necessary advice or appropriate treatment. In the future, the child will understand that it is possible to see a doctor and ask his mother for help or advice.

So, the daughter becomes a teenager. Many experts consider this period to be critical. Adolescent girls develop self-awareness faster at this age; the need for a coincidence of views, judgments, and psychological closeness is more pronounced. The success of sex education during this period will depend on the upbringing of a teenager’s general culture and the system of public teaching.

The girl must choose the suitable mode of her day, specifying together all the advantages and disadvantages in the schedule. For example, all TV channels, billboards, and advertising currently call for making the figure thinner. Therefore, the girl sets herself the same performance bar in such a period. Thus, the mother should monitor her daughter’s proper nutrition and ability to walk correctly, sit, and exercise.

Many girls are in a hurry to be modern but do not always understand how to do it. The mother should, together with her daughter, choose the right style for her and help her deal with cosmetic procedures. Parents should remember the need for emotional warmth for a teenage girl.

Many of the girls believe that happiness is when they understand you. Primarily they are beginning to attract people who, in their opinion, understand that girls’ conversations are becoming more intimate topics. Therefore, you must try as much as possible to give your daughter warmth and be her friend. A girl at this age needs to be listened to and advised to solve her problems. In no case do you need to raise your voice at the child, shout, or accuse her of something? Otherwise, he will close off and become indifferent to others.

The sexual attraction of girls most often consists of falling in love, adoring, and the desire to have a faithful friend. However, the passion for sexual life begins a little later. Sexual activity before puberty leads to severe health disorders, mental devastation, and pregnancy. This fact should not be omitted, but on the contrary, it is necessary to tell the child about pregnancy and abortions as early as possible.

The information should contain the basic concepts and their consequences. It is necessary to tell everything so the child understands the implications of early sexual intercourse.

The girl needs help to figure out what love and infatuation are. Love is a great responsibility in the future. Therefore, the desire to satisfy sexual desire, without asking yourself a question and checking whether it is love, can cost the life of a girl and her unborn child. The right decision would also be to tell the girl about the methods of contraception; they are now being sold at every step and the diseases that can occur during sexual intercourse. When explaining, it is also best to show the contraceptive itself. The most common is a condom.

For example, when telling about it, the mother can print the package and give the child the opportunity to touch it. At the same time, to know that many people have all kinds of diseases that can not permanently be cured, and they are transmitted sexually, that is, when a boy’s penis enters a girl’s vagina. Therefore, to avoid getting sick, you must put a boy on your penis during sexual intercourse. Emphasis should also be placed on the fact that a condom protects against unwanted pregnancy, and it is also impossible to pick up or use someone else’s used condoms.

And also, the girl needs to know all the first signs of pregnancy and complications. In addition, it is now fashionable to smoke and drink among young people, so the girl should also be aware of the harm she can do to her child.

Emphasis should also be placed on the fact that a condom protects against unwanted pregnancy, and it is also impossible to pick up or use someone else’s used condoms. And you will never convince your daughter of the harmfulness of smoking or drinking alcohol if the mother herself commits such acts.

To raise a good daughter, a future full-fledged person in all respects is not an easy but reasonably achievable task.


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