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November 08, 2022 10:32

April 11, 2023 11:36

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When Should You Have Sexual Contact After An Abortion?

Sex Following An Abortion

There are various factors to consider when discussing how soon you should have sex following an abortion. This is because many women experience child loss in multiple ways- some become despondent, while others choose to have an abortion on purpose. As a result, not all women will have the same psychological impacts.

To engage in sexual activity after taking the Misoprostol (Misoprost-200, Cytolog) tablet, at least one week must pass. If you have intercourse right after the operation, there is a significant danger of infection since the cervix is still partly exposed. After a medical termination, it is typical to have erratic and mild bleeding for up to 2 weeks (sometimes even for a more extended period). Even if you are bleeding, you are still allowed to have personal encounters, but if you don’t want to get pregnant, you must always take contraception.

Although it may take a few weeks after a medical termination to start getting your period again, you could ovulate within the first week or the next two weeks, which means you could become pregnant immediately. In this case, it is also crucial to start using a contraceptive method directly if you don’t want to become pregnant.

How is a medical abortion started?

Your doctor will advise you to select a Medical Abortion and to purchase Misoprostol (Misoprost-200, Cytolog) online if your pregnancy is in its early stages. Misoprostol can be helpful for some individuals, but it may not be effective for others, in which case they may need to purchase abortion pills online, including Mifeprex and Cytolog. Therefore, you must take Mifeprex 200 mg by mouth first, then wait one or two days before taking Cytolog.

You have two options for Misoprostol (Misoprost-200, Cytolog) administration: buccal or vaginal. If taking the tablet buccally, keep 4 Misoprostol 200 mcg pills next to your cheek pouches or beneath your tongue. After giving the pill 30 minutes to dissolve, you may drink water and ingest the remaining medication. However, you must place the tablets well into your vagina if you take the medication vaginally.

After taking the tablets, you will have vaginal contractions, and bleeding will begin after 4-5 hours. Bleeding signifies the beginning of your abortion process. Contact your doctor right away if you do not see any bleeding. Therefore, it is advised to wait a week before engaging in sexual activity once the abortion operation is complete.


There is a considerable risk of infection if you have sex at this time. You can have intimate sessions even if you are bleeding. If you don’t want to get pregnant, you must use contraception every time you have sexual activity. When you are in your early-stage pregnancy, your doctor will suggest you choose medical abortion.

For some people, Misoprostol (Misoprost-200, Cytolog) can show effective results; however, for others, it may not show effective results, so they may need to buy abortion pills online. After completion of the abortion procedure, it is recommended to wait for one week and then indulge in sexual activity.