My Right to Abortion -

September 06, 2022 8:49

April 11, 2023 11:38

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My Right to Abortion

There’s a discussion between pro-life and pro-choice folks, which never ends. Though pregnancy is an entirely personal subject, society creates a view that gets contested among people. When a woman becomes pregnant, it’s her portion of the body, so she has the absolute right to determine how to cope with her pregnancy.

For many women, an undesired pregnancy may be a melancholy circumstance, so it is customary to choose a treatment that helps them overcome the depression period.

Society’s perception:

Society nowadays opposes abortion procedures. This is because it fails to appreciate the viewpoint of the lady going through an unplanned pregnancy predicament.

Why do women terminate their pregnancy:

  • Forced sexual intercourse;
  • Failure of contraception;
  • Impulsive sex.

Speaking about abortion, in fear of society’s view, many women endure unsafe abortion techniques, which may be life-threatening at times. However, if society taught women about safe abortion techniques and supported women during such times, there may be a considerable decrease in unsafe and harmful abortion practices across the globe.

Why do women choose medical abortion:

When a woman says no to a pregnancy, it does not indicate that she does not want to be a mother ever in her life. It is usual for a woman to have aspirations of creating a family. However, she should be ready for every period of her life. Giving birth to a kid comes with many obligations that must be done appropriately. If you are not prepared, prolonging the pregnancy should not harm the infant. Keeping this in mind, women choose the option of stopping an undesired pregnancy.

Medical abortion is a simple means of stopping an undesired pregnancy early. When you purchase abortion pills online or from a local shop, you get a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol – AntiPREG. One tablet of Mifepristone and four pills of Misoprostol work best on an early pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation. Once ladies speak with a doctor, they may obtain abortion pills and ingest them at home.

Abortion pills have various components which produce hormonal changes in the body and evacuate embryonic material from the uterus. Abortion may be a personal issue for a woman. Though the surgery is uncomfortable, it is straightforward and gives ladies privacy while enduring the operation. This provides women another incentive to conduct a medical abortion at home. All ladies seek during an unplanned pregnancy circumstance is someone who would comprehend her position instead of yelling at her with worthless, insulting comments. Society may also assist women with their contraceptive alternatives to prevent undesirable pregnancy circumstances.


There’s a debate between pro-life and pro-choice people, which never ends. For many women, an unwanted pregnancy can be depressing; hence, it is natural to opt for a solution that helps them overcome the depressive phase. Unfortunately, in fear of society’s perception, many women undergo unsafe abortion practices, which can sometimes be life-threatening.

If society educated women about safe abortion practices and supported women during such situations, there could be a dramatic reduction in unsafe and harmful abortion practices. Why do women choose medical abortion: Medical abortion is an easy method of ending an unwanted pregnancy early on.

One pill of Mifepristone (Mifeprex, RU486) and four pills of Misoprostol (Misoprost-200, Cytolog) work best in early pregnancy up to 11 weeks of gestation. Abortion pills hold specific components which make hormonal changes in the body. Though the procedure is painful, it is simple and allows women to have their privacy.