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December 30, 2022 9:36

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7 Significant Abortion Stages You Should Be Aware Of

You would be more anxious if it didn’t come after years of casting a curse on your monthly cycle. You may check your period tracker and discover that you are unquestionably late. Additionally, if it is entirely missed and you experience nausea as well, this may be cause for concern as you might not be prepared to have a baby. The second thing that would cross your mind is abortion, which can occasionally be a difficult choice and may require you to push through various emotions. So, the following are some crucial phases you should be aware of before having an abortion.

First Stage

You should seek out a general practitioner or a sexual health clinic, check with yourself, and discuss your feelings regarding abortion with your medical practitioner.

2nd stage

You will schedule a visit with your doctor once five days have passed since your last visit.

The following is included in this appointment:

  • confirmation of pregnancy and the duration of pregnancy;
  • determining whether any additional steps, such as STI testing, are necessary and discussing your preference for a surgical or medicinal abortion.

Stage 3

There are two stages if you choose medical abortion. You will be handed a Mifepristone 200 mg pill to ingest on the first day after purchasing abortion pills online. Mifepristone aids in blocking the hormone needed for pregnancy to progress. As a result, the pregnancy will end at this point. You will also need to take a misoprostol pill; both medications are offered in combinations, so you may purchase an MTP Kit online to receive both drugs in a single pack.

Fourth Stage

You will receive the prostaglandin medication Misoprostol during this session, which typically happens within 24 to 48 hours. Either buccally (which should be retained in the cheek pouches or beneath the tongue) or vaginally will be used to consume this (by inserting the pills in the vagina). You will begin bleeding and suffering cramps from this medication damaging the womb’s lining. Similar to a miscarriage, the abortion procedure begins with bleeding. Your procedure might not have any severe complications if you are less than eight weeks pregnant.

However, there can be some issues if the gestation duration is longer.

Stage Five It takes 4-6 hours for both pills to start working after they have been taken successfully, though it may take longer for some women. Once the bleeding starts, it could last a few days, including spotting for a few weeks. Do not be alarmed if you see pregnancy tissues and clots that are the size of lemon during this treatment. You can get cramping similar to a period as with this. A hot water bag can help you manage the pain, or you can take an analgesic.

Sixth Stage

To ensure that the abortion operation was successful and to gauge how well you were recovering, it may be said that you were scheduled for a follow-up appointment.

Seventh Stage

Within six weeks, your menstrual cycle should return to normal. After an abortion, your fertility quickly returns to normal; thus, if you do not want to become pregnant again, it is crucial to use the effective contraception your doctor has advised preventing more unintended pregnancies.


Seven critical stages you need to know about before going on an abortion. The first thought that would come into your mind will be abortion, and it can sometimes be a tough decision. After five days of seeing your medical practitioner, you will have an appointment with your medical practitioner. Discuss whether you want a medical abortion or surgical abortion. If you choose medical abortion, then it takes place in 2 stages.

This helps to block the hormone which is necessary for pregnancy to advance. You will then be required to take another pill named Misoprostol.