Sharing Your Abortion Story -

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Sharing Your Abortion Story

People’s views on medical termination of pregnancy might vary. This article section details the stories of women who had medical abortions due to various conditions.

Tales of Abortion

Howells, Amelie

It was the night following my first Valentine’s Day. That night, I lost my virginity. I had no idea my Valentine’s Day party would lead me to my room. I think we were both unprepared. Everything happened on the spur of the moment. We both worried when I found out, but I had read about medical abortion on the website a few months before. As a result, I decided to place an order for tablets from this online pharmacy.

We had never done something like this before. I didn’t even have somebody with whom I could inquire about the surgery. And whether or if it will be unpleasant. At the time, the only person who could be trusted was the person who answered the live chat! The crew was exceptionally helpful. The fact that I am just 22 and could terminate the pregnancy without assistance was the most excellent part of my and my boyfriend’s experience.

M. Fan

As a mother of two, the news of another pregnancy hit me like a tonne of bricks! My spouse didn’t even have enough money to cover the costs of another family member. My health care was effectively taken care of at home. My hubby has always been a strong supporter of my choices. Whether it’s about my work or stopping an undesired pregnancy, it doesn’t matter. We got an ultrasound and were told the pregnancy was normal and that we could have a medical abortion. was recommended to us by our doctor.

We purchased Mifepristone and Misoprostol without a second thought. The surgery was a little uncomfortable, but it was nothing compared to dealing with labor contractions. We could terminate my pregnancy in 5 days if we wanted to.

Willey, Sherry J.

I had hoped my pregnancy would propel our relationship closer to marriage, but the news I received from my partner was more shocking than the pregnancy news. He had bisexuality! I had no idea how to respond. I admired his libido but couldn’t see myself sharing my relationship with another guy. I was likewise undecided about continuing this pregnancy. I was disgusted and decided to put a stop to it using abortion pills. Mifepristone and Misoprostol Pill were the two medicines available.

When I took Mifepristone, nothing occurred, but Misoprostol gave me severe stomach pains and bleeding. When I watched the blood clots pass, I felt relieved. I felt liberated when my pregnancy ended on the eighth day. The abortion erased my memories of my partner, and I felt like I had moved on from the relationship. I wouldn’t have been able to terminate my pregnancy and go on if it hadn’t been for’s assistance!

Malm, Christy J.

I accepted that having unprotected sexual intercourse with my lover was my responsibility, but I had no intention of starting with my family anytime soon. I was an idiot for having that kind of sex without using a condom or birth control pills. I don’t live with my family, and my roommate is a medical student, so I’m lucky. She demonstrated how a medical abortion is carried out. She even showed me the website and how their staff assists ladies in avoiding an undesired pregnancy.

I used Mifeprex and Cytolog to terminate the pregnancy at home. Both of the medications were very effective. From a different internet pharmacy, I purchased birth control pills. I won’t pretend that everything was easy and pleasant because it wasn’t! Regardless, the tablets performed their job and assisted me in terminating the pregnancy.


Medical Abortion Stories Amanda Howells: I didn’t even have anyone to ask how the procedure would be. And if it is going to be painful. But, honestly, the team did help me really well.

Danielle Fannin: Being able to abort the pregnancy without anyone’s help was the best thing about my experience. Without giving it a second thought, we bought Mifepristone and Misoprostol. So there were two pills, Mifepristone, and Misoprostol Pills.