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Abortion Laws in Swaziland

Law, Regulations Constitution, 2005.
Indications Life, physical or mental health, rape, incest, fetal impairment.
Time limit Not specified.
Providers Not specified.
Location of Services Not specified.

SWAZILAND. Constitution, 26 July 2005.

Protection of right to life

* * *

(5) Abortion is unlawful but may be allowed –

(a) on medical or therapeutic grounds including where a doctor certifies that –

(i) continued pregnancy will endanger the life or constitute a serious threat to the physical health of the woman;

(ii) continued pregnancy will constitute a serious threat to the mental health of the woman;

(iii) there is serious risk that the child will suffer from physical or mental defect of such a nature that the child will be irreparably seriously handicapped;

(b) where the pregnancy resulted from rape, incest or unlawful sexual intercourse with a mentally retarded female; or

(c) on such other grounds as Parliament may prescribe.

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