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Abortion Laws in Russia

Law, Regulations Law No. 5487-1, 1993; Decree No. 485, 2003.
Indications Life, medical indications, rape, socio-economic reasons.
Time limit Life, medical indications (anytime), rape, socio-economic reasons (22 weeks.)
Medical Abortion (Authorized).
Providers Physicians with special training.
Location of Services Institutions licensed for performing abortions.


Law No. 5487-1 of 22 July 1993 on Fundamentals of Russian Federation Legislation on Public Health Care.

* * *

Article 36. Artificial abortion

Every woman has the right to decide independently the question of motherhood. Artificial abortions are performed at a woman’s request within the first 12 weeks of the gestation period, when socially indicated within 22 weeks, and any stage of pregnancy whenever medically indicated and with the woman’s consent.

Artificial abortions are performed within the limits of programs of mandatory health insurance in institutions licensed for this type of activity by physicians with special training.

The list of medical indications for artificial abortion is determined by the Russian Federation Ministry of Health and the list of social indications, according to the statute approved by the Russian Federation Government.

Illegal abortions are subject to criminal liability as established by legislation of the Russian Federation.

Decree No. 485 of 11 August 2003 on the List of Social Indications for Induced Termination of Pregnancy.

Pursuant to Article 36 of the Basic law of the Russian Federation on public health care (Records of the Congress of People’s Deputies of the Russian Federation and the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, 2003, # 2, Article 167), the Government of the Russian Federation has decreed the following:

1. To approve the attached List of social indications for induced termination of pregnancy (abortion).

2. The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation shall review its rules and regulations to make them consistent with this decree.

3. To recognize as void Decree # 567 of the Government of the Russian Federation, dated May 8, 1996 “On the approval of a list of social indications for induced termination of pregnancy” (Code of Laws of the Russian Federation, 1996, #20, Page 2355).

List of social indications for induced termination of pregnancy (abortion):

A court ruling related to depriving a person of parental rights or restricting one’s parental rights.

Pregnancy resulting from rape.

Incarceration in a detention center.

Husband’s disability of Category I – II or husband’s death at the time of the spouse’s pregnancy.

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