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Abortion Laws in Grenada

Law, Regulations Criminal Code, 1958.
Indications “Medical or surgical treatment”.
Time limit Not specified.
Providers Not specified.
Location of Services Not specified.

GRENADA. Criminal Code.

234. Whoever intentionally and unlawfully causes abortion or miscarriage shall be liable to imprisonment for ten years.

* * *

247. (1) The offence of causing abortion or miscarriage of a woman can be committed either by that woman or by any other person; and that woman or any other person can be guilty of using means with intent to commit that offence, although the woman is not in fact pregnant.

(2) The offence of causing abortion can be committed by causing a woman to be prematurely delivered of a child, with intent unlawfully to cause or hasten the death of the child.

* * *

250. (1) Where any person does an act in good faith, for the purpose of medical or surgical treatment, an intent to cause death shall not be presumed from the fact that the act was or appeared likely to cause death.

(2) Any act which is done, in good faith and without negligence, for the purpose of medical or surgical treatment of a pregnant woman is justifiable, although it causes or is intended to cause abortion or miscarriage, or premature delivery, or the death of the child.

* * *

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