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Abortion Laws in Andorra

Law, Regulations Penal Code, 1995.
Indications Life (implied on the ground of necessity).
Time limit Not specified.
Providers Not specified.
Location of Services Not specified.

ANDORRA. Penal Code of 11 July 1990­. (Butlleti Oficial del Principat d’Andorra, Vol. 2, No. 21, 21 July 1990, pp. 378-96.)

TITLE III. Offences against persons

Chapter I. Offences against the life of persons

* * *

Article 185

A mother who performs an abortion or gives her consent to an abortion will incur a penalty of up to two and one half years’ imprisonment. If another person performs an abortion with the consent of the mother, the maximum applicable penalty will be four years’ imprisonment. The penalty will be imprisonment for up to six years if the perpetrator is a physician, medical practitioner, health officer, or person who is customarily devoted to performing, or with the intent of profit performs, abortive practices.

Article 186

An abortion performed without the consent of the mother will be punished with a maximum penalty of ten years’ imprisonment.

Article 187

If, as a consequence of abortive practices performed on a person actually or supposedly pregnant, serious injuries or the death of the person occurs, the maximum applicable penalty will be twelve years’ imprisonment.

Article 188

Whoever offers his own or another’s services for the performance of an abortion or provides means or suggests abortive procedures, will be punished with a penalty of up to three years’ imprisonment.

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